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Dräger Babylog 8000 plus Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Dräger Babylog 8000 plus. Intensive Care Ventilator for Neonates Software 5. Dräger Babylog 8000 plus on manualslib. Dräger Babylog 8000 plus Instructions For Use Manual Intensive care ventilator for neonates software 5.

Use before use of the medical device. Medical Equipment Dräger Oxylog 2000 plu Instructions For Use Manual Emergency and transport ventilator software 1. Page 2 Working with these Instructions for Use Working with these Instructions for Use Header line the title of the main chapter. Page 6: For Your Safety And That Of Your Patients For Your Safety and that of Your Patients General safety information CAUTION The following WARNINGS and CAUTIONS apply to general Risk of patient injury operation of the medical device. Do not make therapeutic decisions based solely on individual WARNINGS and CAUTIONS specific to subsystems or partic- measured values and monitoring parameters. Page 10: Operating Principle Operating Principle Layout of the front panel Operating Principle Layout of the front panel The front panel consists of the control panel and the display panel with a screen.

12 mbar Y, pull the expiration valve out forwards. Page 48 Operation High; starting nebulization Insert the plug of the supply line into the socket and press it in until it locks. If a measured value exceeds the scale limits, this delay must be taken into account when measuring with a separate measuring device and comparing its output with the analogue output of the Babylog 8000 plus. Detach the flow sensor from the Y, page 15 Preparation Mounting Babylog 8000 plus on a trolley 16 Inserting the expiration valve. Page 35 Operation Overview of the ventilation modes Overview of the ventilation modes The Babylog 8000 plus can operate in five different ventilation modes, the delay after the stroke is intended to ensure sufficient time for expiration and to avoid airtrapping. If two messages are triggered simul, it may be done manually at any time. Page 103 Technical Data Equipment parameters Equipment parameters Principle of operation Babylog 8000 plus ventilates on the continuous; iMV Displaying the pressure curve: Press the keys »Graph« and »Paw«.

Living microorganisms are removed from After the contact time has elapsed, advisory messages The messages are listed in alphabetical order in the following table. Page 88 Care Checking readiness for use Checking readiness for use This must be done each time the unit is assembled. Insert the plug of the flow, page 31 Operation Operation Putting into service . Press the buttons on both sides and simultaneously pull the insert out of the Y, it must be done manually each time the sensor is replaced.

Control panel This carries the keys for ventilation modes and rotary knobs for adjusting important ventilation parameters. Page 11 Operating Principle Layout of the screen Display panel This carries the screen, the pressure display and various keys with fixed or variable functions. Pressing the key » « suppresses audible alarms for 2 minutes. Pressing the key »OK« acknowledges messages or settings. Page 15 Preparation Mounting Babylog 8000 plus on a trolley 16 Inserting the expiration valve. Page 16: Preparation Danger of damage to device or personal injury.

Mount the Babylog 8000 plus on the trolley in this position: Tilt the Babylog 8000 plus forwards. Engage the front latches in the slots of the mounting plate. Page 17 Preparation Inserting the expiration valve Inserting the expiration valve Use a sterile expiration valve! Lift the lever upwards to unlock the expiration valve. Slide the expiration valve as far as possible onto the guide rods. Push the lever down again to lock the expiration valve. Fit the silencer on the exhaust nozzle of the expiration valve.

Page 18 Either: 100 V to 127 V 220 V to 240 V Insert the mains plug of the Babylog 8000 plus into the outlet socket. The humidifier must comply with the standard EN ISO 8185. Page 19 Preparation Assembly Assembly Connecting the ventilation hoses WARNING Only use antistatic or non-conductive hoses, to avoid risk to the patient. Only use hose systems that are described here or if they have an internal diameter of at least 10 mm, since the measurement of the airway pressure may otherwise be impaired! Fit the ventilation hoses on the nozzles. Page 20 Preparation Assembly When using with Dräger Incubator 8000 or Dräger Incubator Caleo Install the water trap in a vertical position.

Mount the holder for the ventilation hoses in the incubator. Press the rubber sleeves of the ventilation hoses into the clamp of the holder. Page 21 Preparation Assembly Installing the Y-piece and the flow sensor Plug the Y-piece into the ventilation hoses. Use a Y-piece with an integrated flow sensor. Insert the plug of the flow-sensor cable into the flow sensor.

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