The E-3 visa is a United States visa for which only citizens of Australia are eligible. The E-3 visa is similar in many respects to the H-1B visa. E nonimmigrants maintain an intention to depart the United States upon expiration of their authorized E stay, the guidelines issued australian student visa application form pdf the USCIS state that applications for E classification, including extensions or change of status, cannot be denied solely on the basis of an approved permanent labor certification or pending or approved immigrant visa petition.

The regulations for applying for an E-3 visa were published in the United States Federal Register on September 2, 2005. Following these procedures will allow an Australian citizen to apply for an E-3 visa at a U. Department of Labor, with a note at the top of the form indicating it is for an E-3 visa for an Australian citizen. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Since the introduction of the E-3 visas, between 2,000-3,000 E-3 visas have been issued by US consulates to Australian professionals every year.

In addition to this, E-3R visas are issued to the returning Australian professionals whose original visas had expired. 2,191 new and 1,421 returning in FY 2009. E-3 regulations were in effect, the U. Department of Homeland Security recorded 2,123 admissions of Australian citizens as E-3 status foreign workers under the treaty. 9,294 admissions were recorded in U.

The Australian subclass 457 long stay business visa provides similar working rights in Australia for U. However this visa is available to any nationality and hence no special work permit for U. Recent legislative changes in Australian skilled worker visas has further narrowed the scope of jobs under which an individual may be granted a visa. Up to 23 August 2010, it was possible to use one year of residence in the United States as a holder of an H1B, H1B1, H1C, or E-3 visa, while employed in an eligible occupation, to obtain provincial nomination from Alberta for permanent residence in Canada.

No specific closing date, as an aid. With a note at the top of the form indicating it is for an E – accept the offer To accept the offer, full details on how to pay available in your Letter of Offer. Note: faxed versions of certified copies are NOT acceptable. Up to 23 August 2010, having scored 90 or above in 10 units or more. The earlier you send in your completed application, please apply as soon as possible so that we may place you with a family compatible with your requirements.

The E-3 visa was enacted by section 501 of the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief on May 11, 2005. Section 502 of the Act addressed certain visas for nurses. 1268, originated in the House of Representatives, the E-3 visa was added in the Senate’s amendment to the House bill. The visa was created within the E category of visas. The E-1 and E-2 visas are commonly called the “treaty trader” and “treaty investor” visas. Embassy of the United States – Canberra, Australia.

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