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This article needs additional citations for verification. ASHRAE was founded in 1894 at a meeting of engineers in New York City, formerly headquartered at 345 East 47th Street, and has held an annual meeting since 1895. Despite having ‘American’ in its name, ASHRAE is a global organization, holding international events. In 2012, it rebranded itself with a new logo and tagline: “Shaping Tomorrow’s Built Environment Today”. As of 2015, ASHRAE has more than 50,000 members.

R technology and is available in both print and electronic versions. The volumes are Fundamentals, HVAC Applications, HVAC Systems and Equipment, and Refrigeration. One of the four volumes is updated each year. ASHRAE also publishes a set of standards and guidelines relating to HVAC systems and issues, that are often referenced in building codes and used by consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, architects, and government agencies. 2001 and earlier as “62”, 2004 and beyond as “62. The IESNA is a joint sponsor of this standard. The society also publishes two magazines: the ASHRAE Journal is issued monthly, and High Performing Buildings Magazine is published quarterly.

They contain articles on related technology, information on upcoming meetings, editorials, and case studies of various well-performing buildings. This section does not cite any sources. To demonstrate the Society’s commitment to sustainability, ASHRAE renovated its existing headquarters building in Atlanta, Ga. The building also serves as a live case study.

A web-based user interface allows researchers around the world to extract data from the building to study factors such as energy use and electric power demand, water consumption and indoor air quality. Bus air-con gives medics the chills”. Heating industry aims zero ozone depletion”. ASHRAE Rebranding Itself to Reflect Expanding Role”.

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House Committee Unanimously Approves Energy Efficiency for Schools Act”. This page was last edited on 13 December 2017, at 01:11. Underfloor heating has a long history back into the Neoglacial and Neolithic periods. Evidence of “baked floors” are found foreshadowing early forms of kang and dikang “heated floor” later ondol meaning “warm stone” in Manchuria and Korea respectively. Korean fire hearth, was used both as kitchen range and heating stove. Asia continues to use conditioned surfaces but the application is lost in Europe where it is replaced by the open fire or rudimentary forms of the modern fireplace. Anecdotal literary reference to radiant cooling system in the Middle East using snow packed wall cavities.

More sophisticated and developed gudeul was found in some palaces and living quarters of upper-class people in Korea. Ondol continues to evolve in Asia. The most advanced true ondol system was established. The fire furnace was moved outside and the room was entirely floored with ondol in Korea. Europe uses various forms of the fireplace with the evolution of drafting combustion products with chimneys. Hypocaust type systems used to heat monasteries in Poland and teutonic Malbork Castle.

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