Students complete a diagram of the Montgomery bus that carried Rosa Parks into the history books. December day in 1955 when Rosa Parks refused to move to art that changed the world pdf back of the bus. In this activity, students listen to or read a selection describing the events of December 1, 1955.

Then they read the rules that people had to follow on the bus. They label an illustration of the bus to reflect those rules. Read aloud to students a book about Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama.

One December day, almost 50 years ago, Rosa got on the bus to go to work. She took a seat in the first row of the section in the back of the bus that was reserved for black people like Rosa. A short time later, the bus stopped to pick up another passenger. A white person wanted to get on the bus, but there no more seats at the front of the bus, which was reserved for white people.

The driver asked Rosa to move to the back of the bus so the white person could sit down. News of Rosa’s refusal to give up her seat spread quickly through Montgomery. Just a few days later black people across the city stopped riding the bus. The bus company lost lots of money because only white people rode the bus. Black people in Montgomery walked to work for almost a year.

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