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To select multiple items, hold down the command or control key. While working to figure out from context which words have been removed from a paragraph explaining systems of inequalities, students will both reinforce their understanding of graphing systems of inequalities and their ability to use and understand academic English. Students first fill in the teacher created cloze dealing with systems of inequalities. Then, they make and share one of their own. This formative assessment should be employed as part of a reinforcement activity or review after students are familiar with the terms and concepts referred to. A truly useful but often overlooked item in the NROC Algebra 1 course is the topic text.

Written in a conversational style, the text re-explains the same concepts addressed in each lesson’s recorded presentation, providing more details and example problems. So long as proper credit is given to its authors, you’re good to go. Used since the 1950’s, a fill-in-the-blank cloze exercise is designed to strengthen grammar and syntax skills. As students enter, hand out the systems of inequalities cloze and have them begin work figuring out the missing words.

This page was last edited on 4 December 2017, improvement only as part of our mission. If you have internet enabled computers available, the videos are FREE with registration on the site. If you order solutions and the process hits a snag — this material including answers is completely free. These students are befuddled, just like actual AP free response questions.

After 10 minutes, have them compare answers with a partner. During this time, circulate, providing insight to any stuck students. If needed, you can brush up on prepositions and adverbs here or many other places online. Review answers as a whole class. Some suggested answers will be different but still technically correct based on the context.

Discuss variance of answers, but accept all that work. Explain that students will now have the make their own cloze puzzles and will then trade and complete them. If you have internet enabled computers available, have students go to the topic text portion of several of the previous lessons on the NROC Algebra 1–An Open Course. If you don’t have computers, this same activity can be done using a textbook’s text. They should note the textbook and page number as the text source and cloze key. Since the example cloze deals with Unit 6, Lesson 3, Topic 1: Graphing Systems of Inequalities, text from Unit 6, lessons 1, 2, and 3 all make sense as text sources.

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