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You know, when the baby sitter realizes that the freaky call is coming from inside the house? So how does my love of spooky cinema translate into clean living? From mattresses to household cleaners to the water coming out of our taps, there are countless sources for chemicals and toxins to make their way into our dens. As wellness detectives, interested in cleaning up our diets and lifestyles so we can feel better, it’s important to also take a hard look at our home environment.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to overhaul everything at once. Making little changes that last is what counts. Benzene is derived from coal and petroleum and can be found in plastics, detergents, tobacco smoke and paints, to name a few. This guy causes eye, throat and lung irritation, and if mixed with ammonia, bleach creates poisonous gasses. Phthalates are sneaky buggers found in everything from plastic food containers to shampoo.

They can throw your endocrine system way outta wack. Follow the tips in the Checklist below and here’s a few more tips for ya: Switch to glass containers and look at the ingredients in your beauty products. Even though PCBs were outlawed in the U. How to Create a Non-Toxic Home Environmental Working Group is a leader in up-to-the-minute research on toxins. Their experts examine every facet of our lives, looking for the troublemakers. So I teamed up with them to created this Healthy Home Checklist, which you can download here.

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