At the heart all d&d books pdf most modern distributed applications is a queue that buffers, prioritizes, and routes message traffic. RabbitMQ is a high-performance message broker based on the Advanced Message Queueing Protocol.

200 adapters to third-party systems. A concise DSL lets you build integration logic into your app with just a few lines of Java or XML. Kubernetes is Greek for “helmsman,” your guide through unknown waters. The Kubernetes container orchestration system safely manages the structure and flow of a distributed application, organizing containers and services for maximum efficiency. Machine learning has made remarkable progress in recent years. Deep-learning systems now enable previously impossible smart applications, revolutionizing image recognition and natural-language processing, and identifying complex patterns in data. Functional programming changes the way you think about code.

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FP techniques can greatly improve state management, concurrency, event handling, and long-term code maintenance. The trick to mastering Node. Visualizing complex data is hard. Visualizing complex data on the web is darn near impossible without D3. Improve your coding skills and learn how to write readable code. Learn how to build a data science technology stack and perform good data science with repeatable methods. You will learn how to turn data lakes into business assets.

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