Alfred’s all in one piano course level 1 pdf Topics in Piano Practice 1. Is there an ideal, universal practice routine? In other words, this book is all about designing your own practice routines. Chapter One, starting from the beginning and applying the concepts to a composition you want to play.

The objective is to become familiar with all the available practice methods. Once you have some familiarity with most of the practice methods, we are ready to design practice routines. Continue this process until you have memorized the entire piece, HS only. You might also try the finger independence and lifting exercises of d. Start practicing other compositions in addition to the Bach. By this time, you should be able to play the entire Bach Invention in your mind, HS, with no trouble.

This is a good time to conduct maintenance on pieces you had memorized previously, because learning a new piece will often result in forgetting portions of previously learned pieces. Alternate practice between the Bach Invention and your old pieces. You should practice the Bach HS most of the time until you have acquired all the necessary technique. In order to transition successfully from HS to HT practice, cultivate the feeling that the two hands need each other in order to play. This will help you to find those motions that help HT play. HT, you can keep playing with the other hand and then pick up the error hand whenever you can.

Without extensive HS practice, such a feat would be impossible. In order to acquire the specific techniques that Bach had in mind, we must analyze this Invention in some detail. Bach’s Inventions were composed as practice pieces for technique and each Invention teaches you specific techniques. Therefore, we must know what skills this Invention is intended to teach.

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