Is it ever OK to lie in a job interview? So you want to be a teacher? Students can contribute to classes more and feel part of the learning process by bringing material like books, songs, advantages and disadvantages of email pdf from local newspapers to class.

Their strengths and weaknesses are addressed more consistently and fully without the competition of other students for the teacher’s time. They can become better learners through learner training with their teacher. There are less time constraints so they can go at their own pace and not feel pressured by the progress of other students. According to the Natural Method, as suggested by Stephen Krashen, learners acquire language best through the modified input of the teacher. This means that the teacher adapts their language to the level of the student and in one-to-one classes the amount and type of input can be maximised by the teacher to benefit the student.

It can be difficult to measure progress without other students to compare with and the possible lack of a syllabus. There can be a lack of individual study time. The lesson format can become monotonous if a teacher lacks the confidence to experiment with change of pace and type of activity. They might assume a student would not be open to activities such as dictation, songs, moving around the class, chants, drilling, etc. You must be signed in to rate.

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Thanks for the feedback and nice to hear your views. Certainly, as you say a tailored syllabus is a huge advantage for one-to-one students. The disadvantages mentioned in this article don’t necessarily assume a lack of experience or ability on a teacher’s part. I believe the intention is more to prepare teachers for the possible difficulties that may arise. Lovely to hear that you teach one-to-one business via e-learning.

What techniques do you use in place of being able to implement a game of musical chairs? I also don’t know what could be more natural than one-to-one and therefore disagree with your statement that the constant interaction would be in an unnatural way. This observation is because the problem with this article regarding the disadvantages is that you are approaching this from the standpoint that the teacher is possibly not up to one-to-one teaching. I don’t agree with the statement regarding a difficulty to measure progress.

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