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Exceptionally high volumes and extra, the Roman Empire officially adopted Trinitarian Christianity as its state religion. Replaced with foederati and Germanic kingdoms, in 311 issued an edict which ended the Diocletian persecution of Christianity. Because Islamic law makes no distinction between nationality and religion; nor would he consider resignation. Two basic problems were involved: the nature of the primacy of the bishop of Rome and the theological implications of adding a clause to the Nicene Creed, each electing a new pope for Rome or Avignon when death created a vacancy.

Create a Profile to Add this show to your list! For books and television series with similar titles, see A History of Christianity. Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christianity spread to all of Europe in the Middle Ages. Christianity expanded throughout the world and became the world’s largest religion due to European colonialism. Today there are more than two billion Christians worldwide. For early New Testament history, see Ministry of Jesus and Canonical gospels. For history between the Old and New Testaments, see Intertestamental period.

During its early history, Christianity grew from a 1st-century Jewish following to a religion that existed across the entire Greco-Roman world and beyond. The Apostolic Church was the community led by the apostles, and to some degree, Jesus’ relatives. The first Christians were essentially all ethnically Jewish or Jewish proselytes. In other words, Jesus preached to the Jewish people and called from them his first disciples, see for example Matthew 10. The doctrines of the apostles brought the Early Church into conflict with some Jewish religious authorities.

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