Please forward this error screen to 78. Mathematics 9th maths book pdf commonly called Math in the US and Maths in the UK.

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-232292202. 12th std  Maths solution books free download  Medium: Tamil Medium 1. 12th standard common quarterly exam question papers 2013-14 1. Tamil First Paper              Download Pdf     View Pdf 2. Tamilnadu State Board 11th standard quarterly exam question paper 2013-14 Free Download 1. Tamilnadu State Board 12th Standard Previous Year 2nd Midterm Question Paper Free Download 1.

TAMIL-2012                 DOWNLOAD 2. How to Download and Install India Rupee Font Fordian Technologies has created the new Indian rupee font for free download. Please forward this error screen to 132. A3: Quant books: What to prepare, what to skip? Therefore, I’ll pump extra hours in General studies to compensate for my poor command over mathematics. Prelim marks not counted in final merit list, and maths is not going to be asked in mains.

Besides, in 2012 only 3 questions were asked! Same Cinderella story will repeat in my case. In last three years, average cutoff was ___. I can easily reach cutoffs, without bothering about maths. THREE questions from Maths in 2012! Why didn’t UPSC ask just three Maths MCQs in 2013, like they did in 2012?

Only 3 maths and 40 comprehension. In CSAT Paper II: too many questions were asked from comprehension section, it needs to be reduced slightly in favor of other type of aptitude questions. It will be better to reduce the English part in CSAT, and instead set bit tougher questions in the compulsory English paper at mains level. 26th May 2013: CSAT 2013 exam. 3 to 17, to fillup the total 80 questions quota. In other words, Maths is here to stay.

UPSC unlikely to ask only 3 maths MCQs in 2014. 2: GS Strength doesn’t compensate math weakness Prof. The candidates who are good in general studies, are at disadvantage, because they can’t get any edge with general studies. Aspirants with engineering background formed the major chunk of aspirants who qualified the prelims in the first attempt. It takes far more effort to get 60 correct in GS, than it takes to get 60 correct in aptitude. Out of them more than 1 lakh people from Delhi alone.

Because majority of them would be full-time dedicated aspirants migrated to Delhi for the sole purpose of UPSC preparation. Therefore, competition will be cutthroat than ever before. In recent years, even Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Indore, Lucknow and A’bad are also fast turning into Delhi like centres i. UPSC preparation with or without coaching. In this environment, you’ve to extract every mark you can, from every section you can.

Hating maths is not a good idea. Remember: Sincere candidates don’t fail prelims by 100 marks, they fail by a margin of just few marks below the cutoff. And in most cases, they could have avoided failure by keeping alert on negative marking, and extracting a few easy questions from the subjects they disliked. Today every sincere player knows he has to prepare NCERT, Laxmikanth, and Economic Survey. Not a competitive edge, doesn’t automatically ensure selection. Last year pretty much every regular reader of Mrunal.

People have been trying to get competitive edge over others by doing PH. Then, you can completely focus on mains preparation, rather than worrying about cutoffs in online forums. 2011 and 2013 trend, if UPSC asks 15-17 maths questions, then at least 12 of them will be solvable even with moderate preparation. Basic Numeracy: How much upto ClassX? Because upto class X level NCERT textbooks include statistics, probability, trigonometry, parallelograms and even coordinate geometry. Should we prepare such topics or not?

CSAT system is just three years old. 43 total maths questions asked in 2011, 12 and 13. Aptitude Question bank in its secret computer database. But UPSC is still asking stuff they used to ask way back in the 90s.

Regularly asked between 1995-2012, with almost identical difficultly level. This is just tip of an iceberg- even reasoning, syllogism, assumption-inference, Venn diagram, sitting arrangement- if you look at all the aptitude questions from 1995 to 2013- history is repeating itself from pre-CSAT era to CSAT era. Many questions are mirroring themselves only names, numbers and wording changed. UPSC hasn’t completely revamped its question bank. UPSC will never ask it in future exams. 2001, but it could be solved without formulas.

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