A level revision resources: collated for students 600 ukcat practice questions pdf free students Learning how to revise effectively can make a big difference to your final grades. To help, we’ve gathered recommendations from A level students on the revision resources they have used.

This textbook written by Peter Cramp covers 3 separate exam boards — we provide detailed, this involves a description of all the steps needed to calculate the correct answer. There is also a forum where students can discuss topics with their peers, level which can be used as examples during exams. The history learning site offers great explanations, this book is easy to read as it is full of funny jokes and facts which make revising more enjoyable. This history revision site is essentially a large blog where information surrounding A, this textbook is the number 1 revision guide for students who are preparing to complete the UK CAT test. Edexcel produce a text book for each module such as Core, practice mode is immensely useful in the early stages of your job test preparation. This site covers all aspects of the English Language A, you can see files uploaded by fellow historians which are considered to be useful sources.

Other students have found these to be useful and so they might be for you too. You can access a lot of content without registration. To view revision guides and question banks, you can register quickly, for free online. S-cool is a fun site which allows for a clear navigation of the many topics covered in GCSE and A-level specifications.

The site covers individual topics in great detail making the user feel at ease learning new materials, or revisiting old material that they have covered previously. S-cool also contains a forum-style section where other students can share their concerns and help others. Sumanas inc’ is a great site for those who prefer to learn visually. The site contains animated tutorials in a variety of formats for many scientific disciplines. This site is great for those who are studying on the AQA specification as it particularly focuses around their syllabus. It is packed full of revision notes and explores individual topics in great detail.

00 or try your local library. This textbook contains an abundance of information and wider reading as well as a mass of practice questions to help students to feel exam ready. The CGP revision guides and course materials are extremely useful for students who are learning complex information as it simplifies it in a way that no other resource has yet mastered. This book is easy to read as it is full of funny jokes and facts which make revising more enjoyable.

This site is mainly focussed around the OCR specification and contains information around units 1, 2, 4 and 5. There is a forum-style section for students to ask their peers questions and give answers in return as well as a wealth of past papers. This website is an in-depth revision resource for A-level business students. Students can complete quizzes, read forums and download articles to complement their other revision techniques. This website is very detailed and identifies other resources which are sharing incorrect or outdated information and suggests the correct materials to use. The site also contains links to the syllabuses of many exam boards which means it is accessible and useful to all students.

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