2012 Radios Notice: Starting in 2012 model year radios will come equipped with an anti-theft feature. VIN and cannot be used in another vehicle unless an anti-theft code is 2012 jeep grand cherokee service manual pdf. A software update was released April 2011 to add the Sirius Travel Link feature. The 430N is priced several hundred dollars less than the 730N – but it does not have all of the features.

Includes radio, antenna wiring harness, antenna base and antenna whip. When purchasing a new or used radio, a later production radio is more desirable. Note: The “RER” sales code and “730N” designation was also used for 2008-2010 model year navigation radios. These radios used a low-speed bus system. 730N radios were made for the newer high-speed bus system. Premium navigation radio with built-in Uconnect Voice Command and Enhanced GPS 6. If the vehicle is equipped with a lower line radio and Uconnect hands free module, the vehicles microphone and USB port will not be wired to the new RHR radio, but to the old HFM module.

The RHR radio has an internal Uconnect module. Install the Mopar HFM microphone adaptor wiring harness. Install the Mopar USB cable from the rear of RHR radio to the remote USB port inline connector near the shifter assembly in the center console. Note: It is necessary to unplug the original Uconnect Hands Free module. About part numbers: Sales codes and part numbers for radios and discs can be quite confusing. A 3-letter sales code is assigned for each radio in a particular series.

For each sales code, “RER” for example, superseding part numbers are assigned during the production history. Most part numbers start out with a series of numbers, such as “5064401”. Separate screen Navigation without integrated satellite radio. Note: Prices listed above are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer.

Prices are current as of September 2009 and are subject to change without notice. Parts are not available from this web site. Includes navigation radio, GPS antenna and owner’s manual. Part numbers are listed from earliest release to latest release.

For more information see About part numbers. 60 commercial-free channels of music and 40 channels of news, sports and entertainment. Kits include antenna and wiring harness. For map updates see section 9 below. Since the MyGIG radios store the mapping software on the built-in hard drive, vehicles that come from the factory with the MyGIG radios no longer include a DVD navigation disc.

All versions of the MyGIG releases are listed to the right. Added phone book download status icon under UConnect screen. Support of Phone Book Download from compatible Bluetooth Hands Free Phones. A paired phone will automatically download phone numbers to the MyGIG address book. It is not currently an upgrade for Model Year 2007 and 2008 radios. The latest versions of the MyGIG software are listed to the right.

The latest versions of the map updates are listed to the right. Note: Updates require vehicle VIN number of for validation and installation. This new DVD map update has coverage across the continental U. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.

This release contains 63 POI categories of 2,267,517 individual POI’s. This new DVD map features new detailed coverage across the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U. This release contains over 7 million miles of road coverage, and 65 POI categories, totaling 2,485,419 individual Points of Interest. NOTE: Using this map update with radio software version 2. 404 will result in Sirius Traffic not working. This issue has possibly been corrected in the November 2013 updated map release. The latest versions of the MyGIG Gracenote software are listed to the right.

RHR, RHW, RHP, RER, REW, REP, RHB, RBZ, RB5, RE2, RB6, and RE6 radios are equipped with a feature that will display the album artwork on the radio’s display screen. We are currently attempting to determine the differences, if any, and will add the information when it becomes available. Either part number can be used for install or replacement. Prices are current as of October 2009 and are subject to change without notice.

If you are buying a MyGIG radio online from a non-authorized dealer note that you will NOT have a factory warranty. It is important to buy from a trusted source with excellent references, some of which offer their own warranty. Assure that the seller will provide a Dead On Arrival or longer guarantee, and that the unit will be carefully packaged. For a list of vehicles and model years see our vehicle compatibilty list. In these vehicles the radio wiring is compatible and the MyGIG radio can be exchanged for the stock radio. Wiring kit for vehicles that came with a factory UConnect mirror.

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