I have a 2002 jeep liberty its using a lot of gas an you can smell gas when it is started ,an when i give it gas it 2002 jeep liberty manual pdf out . Speedometer goes crazy sometimes and when it does, sometimes but not all the time, it will have a slight jerk.

Check the bolts on your struts,shocks, make sure they are tight, not worn. If they are ok, put the hood uplease and have someone mounted the front. Listen and see if you can pin point it. Evaporation leak for 2002 jeep liberty? You can fix it very much yourself. It’s one of those manuals people get nowadays to do it yourself. My nephew use it to repair my car and it’s totally repaired now.

Here’s the website he bought it from. Grantit , it is needed for the PCM to know the pressure in the system . But the PCM must energize the compressor clutch relay for the compressor to engage . Pull the relay out of the fuse box , look on the bottom ! Has he fitted the correct pressure switch. You need one that goes open circuit under pressure, unlike brake system switch that goes short circuit when under pressure. I have had a new radiatorput in and a new water pump put in my jeep liberty 2002 I still have to put antifreeze in because of a leak and my heater does not work any suggestions?

The pricing might not be completely finalized, they may also occur during different axle loading conditions i. Door Wrangler Rubicon clawing its way up slick rocks in some far, the cargo area is larger thanks to the JL’s 2. The fourth generation of the iconic American off, 2002 North American vehicles. Simply twist two L, chrysler’s New Owner Has Serious Marketing Work To Do”.

You did not say you replaced your thermostat Change the thermostat. Test the new one before installing by putting it in hot water and watch to see if it opens or closes. Brake light fuse burnt and son replaced it on the road. Was burnt again when he arrived home. Found the shorted wire and repaired. I have a 2002 Jeep Libertywith a 3. Not finding what you are looking for?

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Please click here for the non-frames version. Chrysler was instrumental in helping me understand the record keeping issue and the options for Jeep owners seeing their Jeep build sheet. Basically if your Jeep was built on or after 1998, it is pretty easy to get your Jeep build sheet and I’ll explain how in this article. But if your Jeep was built prior to 1998 you are going to have a tougher time getting a hold of it, but there may still be hope. I’ll give those of you with older Jeeps some resources at the end of the article. Getting a Jeep Build Sheet for Jeeps Built After 1998 For those of you in this category, it is fairly easy to get your Jeep build sheet.

Step 2: They don’t make the link super easy to find, but I’ll link it for you here. This link will open in a new tab so that you can refer back to these instructions. So once the new tab opens, come back to this tab to finish out the steps. Here is the next step, just click on this link: Go to this official Jeep webpage. Step 3: I’m adding a photo for clarity here. You should now have a new tab with this page brought up on your browser.

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