Please forward this error screen to 81. The Audi TT is a small 2-door sports car 2001 audi tt quattro owners manual pdf by Volkswagen Group subsidiary Audi since 1998.

It is assembled by the Audi subsidiary Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. The styling of the Audi TT began in the spring of 1994 at the Volkswagen Group Design Center in California. A previously unused laser beam welding adaptation, which enabled seamless design features on the first-generation TT, delayed its introduction. Audi did not initially offer any type of automatic transmission option for the TT. The Audi TT also follows the NSU 1000TT, 1200TT and TTS cars of the 1960s in taking their names from the race.

Audi TT 225 Roadster 2001 Misano Red. Coupé in September 1998, followed by a Roadster in August 1999. The original generation Audi TT was nominated for the North American Car of the Year award for 2000. It was also on Car and Driver magazine’s Ten Best list for 2000 and 2001.

Mechanically, the TT shares an identical powertrain layout with its related Volkswagen Group platform-mates. 2-litre VR6 engine in early 2003, which came as standard with the quattro four-wheel-drive system. Built by AUDI AG high-performance specialist subsidiary quattro GmbH, it had increased power from its 1. This weight reduction was achieved by removing the spare wheel, rear harmonic damper, rear parcel shelf and rear seats, and the standard fitment air conditioning.

The main battery was also relocated to the rear of the vehicle in order to maintain weight distribution as much as possible. Lightweight fixed-back Recaro bucket seats graced the interior. At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Audi presented the new 2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept. It is powered by a 2. 0-litre four-cylinder TFSI engine that can produce 420 horsepower and 331 lb. It uses Audi’s Quattro AWD system and an S Tronic dual-clutch transmission.

The TYRE TREAD has to be covered, noting the first time it happened the spare had been fitted by a roadside service professional. To change the PCD why not re — audi announced a limited edition run of 250 special edition S4 saloon cars, my VAGCOM indicates an intermittent mechanical failure. For wheel options, spacers need to be hub, i want to put on 17 by 7 rims now. I recommend that you get the vehicle on the road with standard wheels first, are you saying that the hole in the wheel is smaller than the centre of the hub?

There were two United States class action lawsuits affecting specific model years of the first generation TT. Penny, LLP and the Law Office of Robert L. 2003 Audi and Volkswagen vehicles equipped with a 1. On 22 May 2008, the U. 2004, and 2005 model year Audi TTs.

For the 30th anniversary Quattro gmbH unveiled an Imola Yellow TT that sported a 2. In August 2004, Audi announced that the next generation TT will be made of aluminium, and would go into production in 2007. Audi revealed the second-generation TT, internal designation Type 8J, on 6 April 2006. Like all its PQ35 platform-mates, the new 8J TT now has a multi-link fully independent rear suspension to complement the front independent suspension. The new TT also features a revised rear spoiler which preserves the clean aesthetics of the TT when not raised. The spoiler can also be manually controlled by the driver via a switch on the lower centre console. Launched at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, Audi offered the first diesel engined version of the Audi TT in the European market, the Audi TT 2.

Audi claim average fuel consumption for the Coupé variant with this 2. As an additional package a standard Audi TT can be bought from factory with a special body kit upgrade to make it look like the Audi TT-RS version. It was available with a choice of either a six-speed close-ratio manual transmission, or a six-speed ‘S tronic’ transmission. TTS Coupé can be reached in 5. 4 seconds, with the Roadster two-tenths slower at 5.

Audi UK offered eight TTS cars for official use by the race organisers at the 2008 Isle of Man TT motorcycle races. The car went on sale in the USA at November 2008. In 2014, at the International Motor Show in Geneva, Audi unveiled the new TTS model for the 2016 model year, alongside the standard 2016 Audi TT model. Both models are planned to go on sale in the beginning of 2015. Audi TT Clubsport quattro, at the 2008 Wörthersee Tour at Pörtschach am Wörthersee in Austria.

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