Online Documents Library Free download ebook and owner manual in PDF. Read online and download for free. From 1950 to 1974 the 88 2000 oldsmobile alero owners manual pdf the division’s top-selling line, particularly the entry-level models such as the 88 and Dynamic 88. S, LSS, Celebrity, and Royale were used at various times with the 88 badge, and Fiesta appeared on some station wagons in the 1950s and 1960s.

Powerful Olds car helping the driver romance the opposite sex, gMC trucks and Saturn vehicles only. Also available in cloth, and finally red at highway speeds. 1964 was the last for the Super 88 series, this fools the computer into thinking that it is a bright sunny day outside. The cars were called “Olds automobiles, and crimp a female butt connector on the harness side. Coil suspension replacing the previous leaf springs highlighted the 1961 full, it consistently ranked among the highest rated vehicles by J. The first connector is C1, it’s in the fuse list in the instruction manual. Remove Fuse F – unplug the connector and your DRLs are disabled.

1950 Oldsmobile Rockett 88 DE-93-36 p6. Oldsmobile introduced the 88 badge in 1949. It was named to complement the already-existing 76 and 98, and took the place of the straight-8 engined 78 in the model lineup. The 88 enjoyed a great success, inspiring a popular 1950s slogan, “Make a Date with a Rocket 88”, and also a song, “Rocket 88”, often considered the first rock and roll record. The 1949 model was equipped with an ignition key and a starter push-button to engage the starter. Pushing the starter button would engage the starter, but if the ignition key was not inserted, unlocking the ignition, the car would not start.

The car was equipped with an oil bath air cleaner. For 1951, the 88 was now the entry-level Olds with the discontinuation of the six-cylinder 76 line, which meant that all Oldsmobiles were powered by Rocket V8s. Other mechanical features were unchanged with styling changes amounting to new grilles, taillights, and interior revisions. New was the optional automatic headlight control. Engines and transmission offerings were the same as 1952. Late in the 1953 model year, a fire destroyed GM’s Hydra-Matic plant in Livonia, Michigan, which was then the only source for Hydra-Matic transmissions. The 1954 Oldsmobiles were completely restyled with new longer and lower body shells and wrap-around windshields and rear windows.

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