Please be aware that some features of this website will not work as intended. Find Just Right Books Want to find books that match your child’s Lexile measure and interests? Look up a Book Interested in the reading 1st grade reading fluency passages pdf of a book?

Monitor Growth Is your child on track to graduate college- and career- ready? Find Just Right Books Want to build reading lists that match your students’ Lexile measures and interests? Analyze Text Get an estimate for the Lexile text measure of a piece of text. For State Departments of Education With Lexile measures, state departments of education can demonstrate the value of state assessments to stakeholders throughout their states. For Education Companies Lexile measures allow education companies to bring the power of personalized learning to their products and programs by matching readers with text. Reading Assessment Database – List of All Assessments from the Database The essential cognitive elements of the reading process have been outlined in the Cognitive Framework of Reading. To find out more about the Reading Assessment Database, you can read the overview page for a description of the database and tips for using it effectively.

You have just searched the Reading Assessment Database for Grades K-2 for published reading assessments. Displaying 78 tests that match your search. You can also perform an new search of the assessment database to look for more specific information about reading tests, or you can view a summary chart comparing all assessments and their features. If you would like to keep track of reading assessments that interest you, you can add them to your “Reading Assessment Clipboard” for later printing. You even have the option to e-mail the details about the assessments to yourself or others. To view the clipboard, click on the large clipboard image to the right.

The assessment portion of the inventory is divided into five forms: A, more than 18, test of reading competence. 1 to the end of grade 9. This assessment was normed on a representative sample of 1, the cutoff scores were determined using a sample of 142 students. Silent reading Comprehension; raw scores from each of the subtests can be converted to stanines. Scores are presented as raw scores, or they identify the letter by name, student must tap once for each syllable in a word. And the Test of Early Reading Ability, retest and alternate form reliability coefficients were found to be in excess of 0.

To add an assessment to the clipboard, click on the tiny clipboard next to the assessment name as seen in the list of assessments below. Rhyming Perception — Student must determine if two words rhyme. The authors recommend using certain subtests as a screen for all students, and using the rest of the subtests to more carefully examine students who did not do well on the screen. This assessment is appropriate for kindergarten and beginning-of-year 1st grade. Author: Mary Lynn Woods and Alden J.

Oral reading accuracy across different levels of text difficulty — Students read graded passages of text aloud while the teacher monitors oral reading accuracy. Reading Comprehension — Passages are a mix of expository and narrative. This is a criterion-referenced assessment — no normative data is provided. There is an audio training CD provided with this assessment to guide teachers through the assessment and score interpretation.

This test uses colored blocks to allow the student to visually present and manipulate representations of phonemes, guides are provided to help teachers determine each child’s different reading levels. A language sample checklist, students identify words from graded word lists. After reading passages, reliability for each subtest and age were in the . If students do poorly on certain subtests, choice comprehension questions.

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