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Medical students from Liverpool University have devised a first aid course for young, violent criminals that teaches them how to treat fellow gang members who have been stabbed or shot. Almost four out of ten killings of young people in the UK in 2009 were caused by knives. Burmese democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi has finally delivered her acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize she won in 1991. She was released in 2010 after many years under house arrest at the hands of Burma’s military junta. Optional scheme allows employees to clock off early, with the government hoping the move will boost consumer spending.

Tech workers claim the high cost of living in the Bay Area has them feeling financially strained. Is the solution to India’s waste problem in the bag? A Bengaluru businessman believes his organic plastic bags can help to reduce India’s 15m tonnes of annual plastic consumption. Saglana Salchak’s crossing of an area filled with wolves wins praise from locals but lands her mother in legal trouble.

Boston public schools are swapping the Mercator projection map for the Peters, cutting the developed world down to size. Department for Transport moves to allow Monaco-style grand prix on public roads but don’t expect to see F1 cars in London. Gadheim has just 78 inhabitants but will officially become the geographical heart of the European Union after Britain leaves. Forced into the militia as a child in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rodrigue Katembo now fights to protect his country’s wildlife. After a brief recall, tubs are back on shelves. But have retailers learnt a lesson about the wisdom of diversifying their supply chain? Self-appointed enforcers, keen to report colleagues for misdemeanours, are a common and potentially costly issue for organizations, study finds.

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